Why hello!

I'm Devin.

I’m a Clarity Coach who helps women break free of limitations to live whole and empowered.

When I was 23 I was looking to make a change - ready to go from feeling “stuck” in my first post-college job to taking charge of my career!

I decided to make a HUGE investment in myself and signed up for training to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Six months later, I became the youngest-ever certified coach and was on my way to helping others live out their Strengths. Strengths is a philosophy of looking at what's right with us--those beautiful gifts and talents that make us (YOU!) uniquely amazing. Starting from our Strengths, we can begin to create our best life and let our talents shine in the world.

I got to take this philosophy to the college audience - working with hundreds of millennials to discover their best self & break through the barriers of fear to design a career and life they love! Now, I’m excited to bring you this coaching so you, too, can experience fulfillment and wellbeing in your life!

Let’s make it happen →

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How 'bout some numbers:

600+: Millennials I've coached in the past 2 years

23: Age I received Gallup® Strengths Coaching Certification

2000+: Largest audience I've addressed

2013: Graduated Stanford with a concentration in Social Development & Human Wellbeing

20+30 Somethings: Group of women I most love working with. That's you, Missy!

365: Days every year we get the choice to live out our purpose.


Sample Work:

- Last August, I spoke to 800 college students about the importance of Wellbeing. Click the image below to play!