“Devin's coaching has been a crucial aspect in my academic, personal and professional life.

I remember being so confused when I met her.

I was confused about my goals, field, and facing a lot of pressure from others within my personal life. She simply got me aligned. It was certainly a process and she took no shortcuts. Devin helped me with my admission essays, finding a job that fits my goals, intense interview prep, confidence and setting boundaries within my professional and personal life. And this is just 20% of what she has to offer through her coaching. Today, I’m in a top 20 Masters in Finance Program and just accepted a job as a Risk Analyst.” - Rhea C.


I cannot recommend her enough! Devin is a very talented coach and leader in her industry. She is super knowledgable and has connections everywhere! Not only has she greatly guided and assisted me in my career journey, but she also treats her clients and students like friends. She has restored my confidence in my own business and has helped me realize my own strengths and ability to take my business to the next level. She has fantastic tips on how to balance life and business, not to mention the vast guidance on leadership. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a mentor that truly has a holistic and results (and relationship)-oriented approach. Besides being incredible and one-of-a-kind at what she does, she is also an amazing person in general. She is truly one of those people that leads by example and calls others to living through their strengths to be healthy and active, growing members in their industry and the community. You will not be disappointed!

- Bree H.

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Every time I leave our meetings I feel lighter. She helps me gain clarity and a greater sense of calm when it comes to thinking about my future.

Devin has a way of listening to my struggles that makes me feel like she is solely there to help me in that moment. When I’m talking, I can see her mind is at the same time formulating a creative plan that will push me in the perfect direction. When she speaks she offers advice, stories, and questions that are uplifting and thought provoking. I cannot express enough how much this woman has inspired, and embraced me with love. I have grown so much from my time with Devin and you will, too. If you are looking for someone to give you unconditional, positive support, care for your development deeply, and blow your mind, then I highly recommend working with Devin. She has a fun, creative, and loving way of helping you discover new and exciting things about yourself and your future.

- Mary-Kate S.

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"I'm thankful to have met Devin, the investment I have made in her has been worthwhile. She has challenged me in unexpected ways that have

…guided me into my specific purpose.

She continually keeps me engaged through the process using innovative tools to develop and strengthen my ability to understand and walk in my full potential."

- Melissa F.

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When I first came to Devin, I was unclear on what it was that "I wanted". After working with her the last few months, I've gained the clarity that everything you want is already inside of you, you just need guidance to bring it out - and that's exactly what Devin did.

In the few short months we've been working together I've seen results in my business, personal life and she's provided me with the tools to move through life more purposefully. Devin is an incredible listener and can easily put herself in your shoes to give you the right guidance that you need, right now. I feel like we've been friends for forever!

- Olivia S.

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This is experience was incredibly empowering…I know that I am on the right path because I feel so confident in my decision-making abilities now. I am not only building a career that I love but a life that brings me joy and fulfillment. Devin is a wise, compassionate, and strategic guide. Our weekly exercises and coaching calls brought me such clarity and enlightenment, uncovering the desires I was afraid to pursue and saying yes to the opportunities that would bring me closer to them. More importantly, defining my wants and desires have help me set boundaries confidently so that I CAN say yes to opportunities that are in alignment with my goals. I wouldn't have gotten to this place without Devin's guidance and support. - Nicole C.


When I first came to Devin, I was switching careers, and really lost. I didn’t really have a direction of where I was going. Career Coaching with Devin really clarified my values, my strengths, my likes and dislikes out of all the jobs that I’ve had. It helped me realize my worth and change my perspective…she instilled a sense of confidence in me that I didn’t know that I had. She helped me be unapologetically myself.

 Her intuition, her knowledge of the field and her amazing way to motivate and inspire you…that’s something really special. 

I just accepted a job offer and it’s everything that I could have imagined for myself.

- Natalia T.


I came into this program fed up that my high-achieving ambitions seemed to not want me to be happy;

Devin helped me dance right through the storm.

Even though I had goal systems already in place, she helped me focus on the harder, underlying factors of my past and personality contributing to my pain and challenges. Her expertise and positive spirit helped me deeply and made the whole process great.”

- Nina C.