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Reflecting on my word for 2018: Believe

It was a word I really needed in January and a word I’ve lived out differently than I ever imagined.

Because I've been going through what many young once-Evangelical Christians are facing today. Some call it deconstruction some call it Faith crisis others call it Transcendence and Inclusion and some call it the second half of the Christian Life.  Essentially, deconstruction (as I’ll refer to it from here on out) is the process of examining and breaking down your faith and beliefs to discover what it is you truly believe… Continue post ->

Your Personality is a Gift to the World

If you're anything like me, you've stumbled over the question, "tell me about yourself!" in an interview, a first date, or worse, when "meeting the parents"! I used to struggle to talk about myself without 1. rambling on and on about every hobby, past pet, and tv show I love or 2. my mind going completely blank and then asking myself, "who am I, really!?"... Continue post ->


Overcoming Fear

I’ve been avoiding you all day. It’s 6:15 pm and somehow I’ve come up with a million reasons not to write to you. So...after rearranging my living room, taking my car in for a smog check, doing all the laundry, hand scrubbing the bathroom floors (because of course that’s the priority right now!), making 3 snacks and pouring myself a glass of wine, I have NO MORE EXCUSES! Continue post ->

Why I'm Starting My Own Business

Why hello! I'M DEVIN.

Perpetual Optimist, Visionary & Activator. When I was 23 I was looking to make a change - ready to go from feeling “stuck” in my first job after college to taking charge of my career!

I decided to make a HUGE investment in myself... Continue post ->