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Your Personality is a Gift to the World

If you're anything like me, you've stumbled over the question, "tell me about yourself!" in an interview, a first date, or worse, when "meeting the parents"! I used to struggle to talk about myself without 1. rambling on and on about every hobby, past pet, and tv show I love or 2. my mind going completely blank and then asking myself, "who am I, really!?"... Continue post ->

Why I'm Starting My Own Business

Why hello! I'M DEVIN.

Perpetual Optimist, Visionary & Activator. When I was 23 I was looking to make a change - ready to go from feeling “stuck” in my first job after college to taking charge of my career!

I decided to make a HUGE investment in myself... Continue post ->

Overcoming Fear

I’ve been avoiding you all day. It’s 6:15 pm and somehow I’ve come up with a million reasons not to write to you. So...after rearranging my living room, taking my car in for a smog check, doing all the laundry, hand scrubbing the bathroom floors (because of course that’s the priority right now!), making 3 snacks and pouring myself a glass of wine, I have NO MORE EXCUSES! Continue post ->