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Hey there, 

If you've found this page, you're probably wondering what coaching is all about and how it works.

Awesome--let me tell you.

To me, coaching is a relationship. It starts when one person says,

"I need a companion in this"...or
"Maybe there's someone who could guide me" ...or
"I know I could accomplish this with the right tools and support." 

Maybe you've thought this, too. You know that you're capable of more expansion, growth, or success, but you either (1) don't know what that looks like or (2) don't know the way to get where you want to go.

Coaching may be just what you need. It's the process of getting our combined brilliance behind big life/career/personal goals and creating a game plan that works for your unique lifestyle, work-style and personality. 

Maybe your big goal is:

- To find a job that you actually get excited to get up for in the morning

- To start that new business or creative endeavor you've been dreaming of

- To invest in personal growth so you can show up authentically and confidently in your day-to-day life

We'll start by acknowledging all that you've accomplished so far and then see what things might be holding you back.

Along the way, we may find road blocks, but then we get creative and adjust the plan. We learn to improvise, we talk about whatever is most relevant to you in the moment and we believe in huge possibilities. 

Coaching comes in two formats: from one-on-one and coaching collectives. Keep scrolling to learn about which style is right for you!


One-On-One Coaching

The most customized program I offer.

If you want a personalized experience where I work with you individually to create plans, action and momentum, one-on-one coaching is for you. 

Details on my 1:1 coaching program

  • 3 month commitment

  • Two 50-minute phone or in-person sessions per month, with unlimited email/text support!

  • Access to all my worksheets, workbooks and webinars

  • $350/month

Getting started is easy - just click here for your FREE initial 15 min phone consultation!


    Coaching Collectives

    Coming soon!

    I know that one-on-one coaching doesn't work for every person or every budget. So, I'm currently building Coaching Collectives where we will meet in communities to talk about similar goals and get to learn from one another in an online/in-person hybrid format.   

    Details on Coaching Collectives:

    • 5 participants minimum

    • 3 month commitment

    • One deep-dive individual session for each participant. 

    • One 2-hour group workshop equipped with tools, group activities and a powerful feedback exercise

    • $150/month

    Join the waitlist and I'll let you know when Coaching Collectives go live!

    Here are some of the topics we can chat about: 

    CliftonSTRENGTHS: Discover your natural talent and clues to achieve more success in what you do.

    • Created by the Gallup research organization (legit) and backed by over 60 years of science (proven), Strengths is a psychometric assessment (training-required) that delivers your "Top 5" Strengths.

    • From these Strengths we'll explore how you show up in the world, environments and activities that are energizing or draining and learn more about how you can grow in your unique talents. 

    • With over 1000 hours of Strengths coaching under my belt, you're in good hands. Get the coaching you need to understand yourself more deeply and connect to who you're designed to be.


    CAREER: Say "bye" to boring career and find a calling with purpose!

    • First we'll determine if you current career is energizing your life or draining your passion

    • We'll redesign: whether that's a radical shift in your current role, mindset or approach to make your role match your incredible Strengths, or a chance to start a new chapter with a  job change.

    • If a job change is in order, you can count on me to: 

      1. Make your resume stop employers in their tracks

      2. Coach you on meeting the people you need to know

      3. Refine your LinkedIn so you get those interviews!


    WELLBEING: Is something out of sorts in your life? Tap into all 5 Essential Elements of Wellbeing to create overall health and happiness. 


    A fulfilling career is a very important element to our overall wellbeing, but let's not forget: 

    • Community

    • Social

    • Physical

    • Financial &

    • Purpose

    • My goal is to help you use your Strengths to achieve measurable success in these 5 essential areas.

    Too many of us walk around with hopes for more and desire to make a change, but never commit to the investment. Invest in yourself with coaching and see incredible results for yourself and those in your life!


    Still deciding if coaching is right for you?

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