How my word for 2018 changed everything


How my word for 2018 changed everything

My word for 2018 was believe.

It was a word I really needed in January and a word I’ve lived out differently than I ever imagined.

Because I've been going through what many young once-Evangelical Christians are facing today. Some call it deconstruction some call it Faith crisis others call it Transcendence and Inclusion and some call it the second half of the Christian Life. Essentially, deconstruction (as I’ll refer to it from here on out) is the process of examining and breaking down your faith and beliefs to discover what it is you truly believe. It’s a common part of any faith journey and often happens in a person’s 20s. Ergo, my deconstruction, beginning at age 25.

You see, I was raised in a Christianity of boxes. Neatly organized little boxes that fit in perfectly next to one another every box in its place on the row in the row on the Shelf and in the Box we put things like

- life had a box

- death had a box

-heaven had a box

- hell had a box

-men were in a distinct box

- women had a separate box

- even politics had a box

-love and who is allowed to love and how in a box

- science had a box

- mystery had a box

- other people other points of view had a box

-other religions were in a separate box probably on a separate shelf

... everything perfectly arranged in little the boxes. and within the box were answers…always answers, so many answers. So much reason.

And this type of faith this secure organized structured predictable box-like faith gave me a lot of security at one point. Because as children, we all need structure and as adolescents we need stability and as adults we need order, sometimes we need black and white, we need neat boxes to know where our things belong.

I was “gifted” with faith at a young age.

I was always enthralled by God’s grandeur, and worship, faith and mystery, scripture and prayer. I was always drawn to God and the holy spirit.

When I was 5 years old, I chose psalm 23 for our speech meet and recited the 20 lines emphatically by heart.

And by age 10, I was challenging my dad's atheist beliefs through the apologetics I learned in Bible class,

by age 12, I was having religious debates at summer camp,

and at age 13 I was doing street evangelism with my classmates on the streets of Watts and Compton LA.

In junior high, I became close with my Bible teachers who would give me strategies for debates with my dad (who I was still trying to convert) and teach me to read Bible commentaries and perfectly transcribe Scripture with no errors. In High School, I continued to be a good Christian girl—following my eldest child birthright and goody-two-shoes nature—so by my senior year of high school, I was even awarded the Eagle award—the highest honor for spiritual leadership on campus.

And then I got into my dream school—a liberal college where I knew that my faith would be a fight, I thought, I can be a leader here too and I can be an evangelist and tell people about Jesus. This is my new mission field.

I not only wanted them to know Jesus, but I even grew arrogant and self-righteous believing that it was my personal mission to convert people from their beliefs to my beliefs. Believing that I needed to expand both the minds of my politically conservative christian friends and I needed to convict the hearts of my socially liberal non-christian friends. I felt that I needed to be an example through my actions of righteous behavior and be personally responsible for recruiting everyone in my dorm to go to church. At first, I was strong…I became discouraged, because people weren’t falling for my tactics and my debates were no longer working…in fact, they were pushing people away, and then I became curious…

Awakening to a new reality

I found out that one of my close friends was Muslim, and then I met amazing, kind jewish people and amazing, kind agnostics, and amazing, kind buddhists, and amazing, kind catholics! I was welcomed in for holy Ramadan with a Muslim family in Virginia and enjoyed a Passover Seder amongst Jews  in San Francisco. And one of my best friends from high school tearfully came out to me as gay, and I befriended a lesbian girl and reluctantly fell in love with an atheist.

When studying abroad in Italy, my church became a yoga studio where I felt closer to God than in any cathedrals I entered. When my mom was in and out of the hospital, my church became the ICU waiting room and the congregation was the other people whose names I never knew but with whom I shared many tears.

Nurses became Jesus to me, little old Italian ladies who would hold my arm to stay steady on the bus became Jesus to me, my liberal host mother with her strong bent toward social justice and her exorbitant pasta dinners became Jesus to me, my roommate’s empathic tears became Jesus to me, my pastor’s daughters and their sweet poems became Jesus to me…

My concept of God was growing…

You see, for so long, I put God in a box on that shelf too. Believing that God was only accessible in the words of the Bible or within the structure of a certain Church service or a certain denomination or a certain set of values. Believing that I could only be a good Christian, if I changed those around me, rather than simply cared for them.

I forgot that God is also accessible

  • in relationship

  • in nature

  • in the diverse things of this of world

  • in movement

  • in art

  • in culture

  • in language

  • in travel

  • in strangers

  • in protest

  • in science

  • in kindness

  • in tears

  • in good food

  • in gentle touch

  • in my own body

  • even in my own mind

My faith crisis

was initiated in the fall of 2016 by the Election of Donald Trump. For many young Christians the election revealed a part of the “American church” and Religious Right with which they no longer wanted to associate, for me…this was true as well.

But more so,

it reminded me of an older version of myself—

a five years ago version of myself—-a version of myself I was deeply ashamed of. A judgmental, closed minded, opinionated, arrogant, self-righteous version of myself that believed it was my mission to prove why everyone else was wrong and why I was right. You see, with those well-intentioned apologetics junior high classes, what I learned was, “you have to fight for what you believe. And if someone isn’t for your beliefs, they are directly in offense of them.” What I gleaned from that high school leadership award was “you have to lead everyone to the same belief and the same values that we hold here”…we even teach it in our Sunday school songs, “I’m in the Lord’s army, yes sir.”

An Army. But who are we fighting? And what are we fighting? Which box is the next target.

Earlier this week, a friend of mine reminded me that God used Astrologers to lead people to the Christ Child. The wise men, Magi were astrologers and interpreters of Omens and dreams and they followed a star to find the babe.

Even the galaxies hold answers to questions about God and love and life.

I grew up in a Christianity that said, “if it doesn’t sound like us, if it doesn’t look like us, if it doesn’t talk like us, then it doesn’t belong.” But I’m learning that everything belongs. That if it catches us off guard or is surprising, then maybe it’s time to lean in and ask questions, rather than put up a shield. Because maybe it doesn’t belong to me, or to us, but it belongs to them or to her.

Yoga is one of the things that brings me closest into the presence of God, when I feel my feet on the ground, the holy breath in my lungs, the holy spirit in my chest, and God’s good earth beneath my feet, I feel deep connection to the source of life. I feel embraced and held and true. I have friends who still don’t agree with my yoga practice—they connect with God in different ways. I try to make space for the ways they belong and the ways they belong to God, and I hope they can find space for the ways I belong to God.

Growth & Gentleness

I’ve had to do a lot of reconciling with that strong willed debater in the summer camp cabin, and that little evangelist girl who asked a homeless man, “if you died tonight, do you know if you’d go to heaven or hell?” I’ve made my peace with the girl who scoffed at the sorority girls (which I myself was) and unconsciously labeled them as sinners and “lost”. And I realized that my seeking to prove others wrong was really a desire to belong…to be taken out of a box that even others put me in and to be known fully as I am.

So, I no longer associate with that evangelistic 13 year old, because my mission is no longer to convert those I meet or prove them wrong, but to connect with them and fully love them.  I want to know them not change them.

I was taught to say, “I have an answer for that!”…I’m learning do say, “I don’t know the answer to that”

I was taught to say, “God has a plan for that”…I’m learning to say, “I’m sorry this is happening to you”

I was taught to say, “Jesus says to forgive”…I’m learning to say, “It’s ok to be angry”

I was taught to say, “Everything will be ok”…I’m learning to say, “I’ll be here even if it’s not ok”

Becoming the Ocean

Someone once told me that faith is like a fishbowl. That the fish inside wants to swim and it gets frustrated when it bumps into the edge of the bowl, but if it were to jump out of the bowl, if it were to leave the safety of its glass container, it would die. But, we all know a fish was never meant to be confined to a bowl, it wasn’t created to live there. Friends, what if our faith was about becoming the ocean?

This year, I feel like my faith became the ocean. It expanded and deepened, it gained new hues and ecosystems, it learned how to holds a variety of life and species that it never had before.

My faith became one of

mystery and openness,

but also science, doubt, healthy anger, simple kindness, tough conversations, lighthearted laughter and unshakable justice.

It is a faith that believes in miracles and in personal accomplishment.

My faith is about worship songs and yoga asanas.

My faith is about worship songs and yoga asanas.

Though I’m careful to use the word Christian, I still attend a church that reads from Scripture—and recites "secular” poetry, and does collective meditation and breathing practices, and talks about bringing down patriarchy and raising the voices of the marginalized.

From Nov. 2016-March 2018, I felt “untethered”—longing for something to anchor me back and feel safe. And though I didn’t exactly find a tether, I have found there to be truths that I stand by no matter what.

Truth #1 We are innately good: I held my new baby niece on Dec. 31, 2017 and I was overwhelmed with the realization that we are good. At our core, we are good, she was absolutely perfect. Not a hair on her head was made of hatred, or greed, or malice. I looked into that face and I thought, “If she ever does anything ‘bad’, if she hurts, or steals, or lies, or kills, it will not be because she is bad. It would be because something in her life told her that this is what she needs to do to survive.” Coming from a faith that talked about a sinful nature, this was a radical shift for me. And, it’s something I apply to everyone I meet now. I realize even the people who I detest (ahem, struggle to respect and/or love), they are good at their core. Something in their story has told them to act, behave or think in this way—sometimes I even envision them as a child, looking for love and approval, and my heart softens.

Truth #2 Spiritual searching is worth it. There were times on my journey that I just wanted to give up. It was so hard to look at my belief system and examine every stinking doubt. Did I believe prayer changes things? I don’t know. Did I believe Jesus really resurrected? I have no clue. Did I believe that Heaven and Hell are actual places? Or are they simply metaphors for life? Or were they just constructed to make people “behave?” These questions could drive anyone crazy. In the end, I have some ideas about these things, but I’m definitely still on the journey, and what I learned is that it’s ok for questions to beget more questions. And it’s ok to stop looking for answers when things get overwhelming. I’m ok saying, “I don’t know”…but I don’t know doesn’t mean, I don’t care.

Truth #3 Transcend and (don’t forget to) include. This week I was speaking with a friend about the process of deconstruction. She mentioned how she sees a lot of friends deconstructing their beliefs (transcending) and breaking things down, however, she doesn’t see much re-construction (including). I would agree. The process of deconstruction is a sense of taking back one’s power—sometimes from a “domineering” patriarchal church or God figure (one who rules every action in one’s life, and/or calls them “wretched”)—so I think this process of taking back power is actually very important. In order to move forward empowered and informed, we need to have some semblance of control; however, I noticed even for myself that this need for control blocked the allowance of any mystery or surrender. So, as I transcend old beliefs, I also find it important to include the things that I do want to carry on. For instance, miracles. I do believe. I can’t prove them, and I won’t debate them, but I’ve seen them in my own life. Reason gives way to mystery, and I include a part of my faith heritage that I want to continue. As I transcend, I also include—I include singing, and prayer, generosity, miracles, communion, joining hands in church.

In deep and mysterious faith,

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5 Steps To Setting Goals You’ll Actually Stick To, By Lindsay Preston

I used to make a TON of New Year’s resolutions. The process of thinking about what I wanted to create and goals I wanted to meet was (and still is) SO much fun to me! 

While making these resolutions was oh-so-exciting, I didn’t stick to many (if any!) of them throughout the year. The dreams I envisioned when I made my resolutions would slowly fade away in the day-to-day grind. 

I would tell myself it didn’t matter that I didn’t make things happen with my resolutions, but deep down it bothered me.  I wanted to improve my life and go after my dreams.  Why couldn’t I follow through?

Years later, I came across life coaching.  I had done pretty well in my life despite not achieving many resolutions/goals; however, it was time to get serious about creating my dream life, and I hired a coach to help me do just that. 

Although I thought life coaching was wacky, weird, and lacked credibility, my gut told me to sign up.  After just a few weeks working with my coach, I started to see that I was SO wrong about coaching.  The strategies I was learning allowed me to slowly but surely accomplish my goals.

I was hooked.  I knew not only were these goal setting strategies awesome, but I too wanted to become a life coach.  Several certifications and years later, I now help my clients go after their goals every day too! 

My clients have done some amazing things using these strategies (like pay off a significant amount of debt in a few months, lose the weight that’s plagued them for years and quit their mundane jobs to go over their ideal career). 

If you’re ready to set goals you’ll stick to, here are five steps to get you started.


Step 1: Make I Want Goals

It’s important that you get clear on what YOU want.  Not what your parents, your friends, your partner, or society wants.  What YOU want!

I hear SO many of my clients, friends, and family tell me their goals with a lackluster, half-hearted tone.  It boggles my mind!  If you’re not passionate about a goal then, why the heck are you setting it!?  Take the time to get clear on what’s important to you before you set your goals. 

Anytime you hear a SHOULD come up, ditch the goal because “should” is a clue that you’re trying to please someone else.  So, anything like, “I SHOULD lose 20 lbs.” or “I SHOULD try to improve my grades” needs to go pronto because the goal likely isn’t that important to you. 

Instead, replace your “should” goals with I want goals.  We can learn SO much from our natural, innate wants and desires.  We always know where we need to go next. The problem is that we often don't listen.

Ask yourself what it is you want RIGHT now in your life.  Is it more acceptance? More passion?  More stability?  Close your eyes and listen to yourself.  See what comes up. 

Keep in mind your wants may come to you in specific ways too like desiring a new job, going to yoga class or more alone time.  Whatever it is, go with it!  Those wants are your soul’s way of telling you where to go.  Listen.

Step 2:  Ditch the resolutions.  Instead, make your goals SMART.

Once you have an idea what you want next in life, it’s time to make it a goal!  

One quick thing I want to clarify here is that resolutions don’t work.  They aren't set up for success. For example, if you say, “I resolve to work out more in the next year.” All you’ve done is taken your want in step 1 and added the word “resolve” and “in the next year” to it.  That’s a great start, however, for your goal to be successful, there’s more information that’s needed here.

So, instead of setting a resolution, make a SMART goal.   A SMART goal is taking a want/resolution and making it Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Reachable and with a Timetable.

Here’s an example of a great SMART goal, “Within the next year, I want to work-out 30 minutes/day three times a week.”  Within that statement, you’ve got a timetable (the next year), and you’ve made it measurable and specific (30 minutes day/ three times a week).  

To complete the SMART goal format for this statement though, it must be attractive and reachable too. If the goal-setter decides that the goal is both of those things, they're ready for step 3!

Step 3:  Decide How You’ll Think, Act and Feel.  

You have to decide who you want to be and then be that person on purpose.  I know that sounds silly, but our brains are not wired for happiness.  We’re only wired for survival!  That means you aren’t going to naturally be the happy, go-getter person you want to be unless you start to get intentional about being it. 

Intentions are different from goals in that they focus on who we are in the present moment, rather than on what we want to accomplish at some point in the future.  Our intentions are qualities we can tap into at any moment.  

After you make your SMART goal, ask yourself, “How do I want to think, act and feel as I work toward accomplishing this goal?”  If you’re anything like me, there are days when I can become an anxious mess worrying about if/when I’ll hit my goal.

In those moments, I stop myself and remember the intentions I set out when I started my goal. (Which are usually NOTHING around being an anxious, worrying mess!)  Remembering my intentions helps me relax, unwind and realize that the only moment that matters is NOW! 

When you’re present focused and intentional, you aren’t hopping from one goal to the next.  Instead, you’re committing to showing up and being the person you want to be every day in every moment.  When you do, most people find their goals just happen naturally!  All those years of struggling and stressing about a goal (or not accomplishing them) start to go away.  

Step 4:  Identify Your Blocks.

Alright, let me address something that might be going on in your head right now as we talk about goals.  It’s a voice I like to call the Inner Mean Girl, and she may be telling you things about you and your goal that aren’t very nice.  Things like, “You can’t do this!”, “What makes you think this will work?  You’ve failed before.”  And my personal favorite, “Who are YOU to think you can do this?”  

In the psychology world, our Inner Mean Girl is referred to as the voice of our ego.  (I just call her the Inner Mean Girl because that’s what she’s like!  It’s a voice that’s always saying you aren’t enough.)

Our Inner Mean Girl is a voice EVERYONE has.  She's just part of our DNA!  She lives in your unconscious mind whispering things in your ears that you had NO idea she was saying. 

A way to hear your Inner Mean Girl voice is to address her directly with this question, “Inner Mean Girl (or whatever you want to call him/her), what do you fear with my goal?”  It may take some time for her voice to emerge, but when she does, she’ll give it to you straight about everything she fears about you doing this goal.  

Common fears that come up are things like, “You’ll fail.” “You’ll get hurt.”  “People don’t like you.”  “You’ll just end up ________ instead.” or “It’s scary to do ____.”  Do you hear any of those things? 

Please note that your fears will be unique to you and your background.  No matter what comes up though, just know you can overcome it and step 5 will show you how.  

Step 5:  Program Your Mind & Life For Success.

Now that you have your wants, your SMART goal, your intentions and have identified your blocks, it’s time to get into action!  The first thing to do is program your mind for success.  

Your mindset is HUGE when it comes to accomplishing a goal.  Since you know what your Inner Mean Girl voice is telling you, you can now combat her.  Her secrets are out and open for discussion which means you can converse back with her!  (This is where you can take back your power.)

The way to combat her is by programming your mind with positive affirmations.  Positive affirmations are positive, present tense, “I am” statements about yourself.  Things like, “I am smart.  I am beautiful.  I am enough” are all great affirmations.

 Now, I know these things may feel stupid and silly to say, but they work!  There was some point in time when you programmed all those negative things in your mind that told you things like you’re dumb, ugly and not enough. If you’re serious about sticking with your goals, affirmations are the way to help.  So, shake those “this is dumb” thoughts and try it out!

Here’s what you do:

First, develop a list of affirmations that directly tie into your blocks.  If you heard your Inner Mean Girl tell you that you’re going to fail at your goal, an affirmation to create would be, “I’m going to succeed and reach goal.”   If she said you’ll get hurt, an affirmation could be, “I am loved for who I am.”  

The important thing with affirmation is to make ones that feel right to YOU!  Inner Mean Girl is going to HATE them.  She’s going to say they’re stupid, but that’s just her way of holding you back.  Tell her you hear her negativity, but move on anyway by making and saying these puppies!

The next step is to then create some affirmations that you feel will help inspire and motivate you toward your goal.  For example, I have a money goal right now, so an affirmation I’m saying is, “I am making $____!” (and I say the amount of money I want to make.)  

Even though logically I know I’m not there yet, programming this affirmation in my mind allows my unconscious to work for me!  I’ve been saying this affirmation for a few months now, and I find that I’m getting closer and closer to my goal simply because I’m unconsciously making choices every day that support this goal.  I know I’m creating this natural change because of affirmations.

Now, the last step I want to give you is to have accountability toward your goal.  

Did you know that most people hire a life coach simply for accountability?  Crazy, huh!?  While I'm aware that not everyone wants to or can hire a life coach, there’s a tool you can use that can act as a life coach for you so you can have that accountability you need.  It’s called PowerSheets.  They’re a goal check-in system to help you make and stick to meanngful goals. 

I love the PowerSheets so much that I suggest to all my clients they get some.  Even though they’re working with me on their goals, PowerSheets give them the day-to-day accountability when I can’t be there.  

I encourage you to check out PowerSheets to see if they’re right for you.  You can learn more and order here:  (Please note that PowerSheets are only available during certain parts of the year and that by using this link to purchase, I may receive a small compensation in return.)

I know sticking with your goals can be tricky, however, with these steps; you’ll be well on your way to creating and achieving your goals with success!  #YouGotThis!  


Guest Post by Lindsay Preston


5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job


5 Things to Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Job

My first job after college was amazing!

I moved back to my hometown of San Diego and began working on a "re-start" within a 5-year-old company. It was a chance to reinvigorate the brand and launch something entirely new. I was lucky to have an incredible amount of freedom and autonomy to make work fun (and productive). I got to contribute my millennial perspective and my fresh-out-of-college whimsy. People said to me, "You've made my work fun again!" and "I love your fresh ideas." It was a dream. Until it wasn't.

With some changes to leadership, I ended up with a superior who didn't exactly welcome my energy or affirm my forward-thinking. He actually called me “abrasive" for asserting my opinions.


Anyway, I know old habits die hard and I wasn't about to make it my mission to change this guy. After six months of sticking it out and mulling over some really important questions, I realized it was best to move on (1.5 years at the company altogether).

Resigning from a job or making a big career change can be, quite frankly, terrifying. It usually means a huge life change. But, I am passionate about making the sometimes difficult, well-thought out decisions to make your dream job a reality.

I encourage you to consider these questions, before making the decision to leave your job.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself before you make a career change.

1. Why did I take my current job and am I getting out of it what I expected?

Jot down what you like about your current job (Pay? Stability? Coworkers? Flexibility? Projects?). Consider making a Mind Map-- a page you fill with non-linear ideas (think bubbles and lines connecting random thoughts that jump into your head). Write down why you took your current job, what your expectations were, and what you are actually getting.


2. How do I feel before and after work?

Is it the work environment that is making you unhappy? Is it some other unrelated factor in your life that is causing you to be more anxiety-prone that usual?

Check in with your body before and after the work day. This can be a great indication of your feelings toward your career and the work that you are doing everyday. Do you wake up dreading the day or eager to work?  Work is where we spend the majority of our waking hours, so we certainly cannot settle for apathy and unhappiness. Beyond acknowledging your emotions, you should identify what events throughout the day elicit specific responses. Maybe you don’t know where to start or how to identify your feelings or that which has caused them. Try this: Keep a journal for a week and jot down what is occurring during the moments in which you are experiencing positive emotions and negative emotions. Are you ending the day feeling accomplished, stressed, insignificant, energized? Look for themes so that you can identify what kinds of days and what types of events have you feeling your best.

3. What do I value in a job?

Is it leadership opportunities? Having a mentor? Flexibility? Creative freedom?

When I left my job at the startup, I realized that one thing I really valued was having a great manager. This is actually the reason I took my current job and not another job at a cool, funky design agency downtown. I knew my boss had the potential to be a great mentor and I was looking for someone willing to invest in me. Be honest with yourself about what you need and see if there is a way for you to satisfy that need within your current job. If there isn’t, perhaps it’s time to start looking.

4. What are my gifts & Strengths?

Well how do I sum this one up?!

I honestly believe that our Strengths can be the greatest tool to discover what we might LOVE in a career. Although Strengths don't act like a fortune teller, it can give you extremely valuable insight into what you do really well and what you enjoy spending time doing. For example, after understanding that I have the Strength of Harmony, I learned that I thrive in low-stress environments where collaboration and compromise is encouraged. After understanding my Strength of Woo (Winning Others Over), I recognized how much I valued and needed the opportunity to regularly meet new people to creates relationships.

If you haven't taken StrengthsFinder, go do it! I'd love to talk about your Strengths with you!

5. Am I in the right line of work? 

Since I can remember, I've loved talking to strangers. I’ve always loved learning people's stories and would find myself in deep conversations with strangers on a plane or at the grocery store. I think the fact that I am genuinely interested in getting to know others makes it easy for people to quickly open up to me. It's not hard to feel a deep connection with someone when you hear stories of their joys and pains. If money were no object, I would meet as many people as possible and spend time hearing their stories. And the truth is, this is pretty much exactly what I get to do everyday! Learning about my Strengths clarified some of my passions for me and gave me freedom to go in this direction.

If money were no object for you, what would you do? The answer to this question can be a clue into a new path or career option for you!

Tough situations at work can be disheartening. In a moment of emotion or high stress, we might feel the impulse to pack up our desk, take our fair share of the free kitchen snacks, and stomp on out of there, but I urge you to think first and take a pulse on these 5 things.




Your Personality Is Your Gift to the World


Your Personality Is Your Gift to the World

If you're anything like me...

You've stumbled over the question, "tell me about yourself!" in an interview, a first date, or worse, when "meeting the parents"! I used to struggle to talk about myself without 1. rambling on and on about every hobby, past pet, and tv show I love or 2. my mind going completely blank and then asking myself, "who am I, really!?"...Cue, existential crisis.

Once I discovered StrengthsFinder, I finally had a language to describe who I am and why I do what I do. So instead of trying to justify or explain myself and I now share the best parts of me when I get that inevitable question. Often times, when I teach about Strengths in a workshop or class, someone inevitably asks me what My Strengths are, so here ya go, they're not a big secret or anything.

My Top 5 Strengths and why I love them!

#1 Harmony - I love to find consensus and have my world in harmony. I find areas of agreement even amongst divided parties and have a gift for helping people all be on the same page--a helpful tool whenever I'm leading a project or team. Growing up, my parents always told me to "butt out" of other peoples' conflicts--guys, that was just my harmony, trying to make peace! :)

#2 WOO - stands for "winning others over". I LOVE meeting new people. People in general fascinate me and I love the challenge of meeting a stranger and making a friend out of them. Lately, I've been taking Uber everywhere and my woo is definitely coming alive as I ask questions and learn about the amazing people who drive us around - everyone has a story and I love to play detective. There are no strangers in the world, only friends I haven't met yet!

#3 Connectedness - I believe there is an invisible thread that connects all people, hearts, circumstances in our world. As a person of faith in God, I trust that he is orchestrating some amazing things behind the curtain and I love making connections between my present life and the situations that have gotten me here. With that perspective, I get to live with little regret as I know even the hard stuff has made me who I am. I also love making connections for other people--whether that's introducing them to someone who can give them a job (which I do often!), a new roommate situation or even just a podcast I know you'll love!

#4 Ideation - so many ideas. Ideas are everywhere for me and I love generating new concepts, new workshops, new ways to bring something to life. Give me a big white board or some post its to brainstorm, and I'm a happy camper! Also, if you're "stuck" on something, I love doing mindmaps to help people get "unstuck" from their "wicked problems".

#5 Activator - I can get $h!t done. I love activating on ideas and the things that need to happen. I love the thrill of starting something new (case in point: launching a new business), but that doesn't mean I'm always a good finisher. I have to work hard to finish the things I put on my to do list because I'm usually way more excited at the beginning of a project than at the end. Usually the "panic monster" and deadlines or someone else relying on me is just the motivation I need! 

Do you know your Strengths?

If not, get your booty on over and take StrengthsFinder right now! Strengths have changed my life and the lives of millions of people -- not to mention many of my clients! StrengthsFinder gives you a language to describe the things you are naturally great at!

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Overcoming Fear: Stop Letting it Stop You


Overcoming Fear: Stop Letting it Stop You

I’ve been avoiding you all day. 

It’s 6:15 pm and somehow I’ve come up with a million reasons not to write to you. So...after rearranging my living room, taking my car in for a smog check, doing all the laundry, hand scrubbing the bathroom floors (because of course that’s the priority right now!), making 3 snacks and pouring myself a glass of wine, I have NO MORE EXCUSES!

I’ve been avoiding you all day because I’m honestly a little terrified to write.

Here’s the deal. I’ve started my independent coaching business to bring this passion I have out into the world--my passion for helping people identify their strengths and achieve their dreams, break through fear (ironic: see above where I mention being terrified), and start living bigger and more passionate lives.

I believe in what I have to share--these tools that have helped hundreds of people--yet, up until now, I’ve always had a relatively small stage: a coaching room, a coffee shop, a classroom, a chapel audience. Typically, I share my thoughts with 1-25 people and now I’m about to share these thoughts with...the internet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’ll instantly have thousands of readers, but there is something pretty scary about having personal thoughts and testimonials available for anyone to see.

Stuck in Fear.

As I was processing this feeling “stuck” about writing with a friend of mine, I was reminded that being “stuck” is where great life design really happens. The goal isn’t to never get stuck. The goal is that when we get stuck, we find multiple solutions to the problem and sometimes we discover the reason why we got stuck in the first place. I know why I was stuck. FEAR. That four letter word that we all deal with in one way or another.

The truth is, fear is usually the thing that causes us to avoid, deny or delay (sometimes infinitely) our deepest dreams, goals, and desires. Like writing this blog I’ve been dreaming about for months now. 

In my day job, I’m a university career coach. I absolutely love, love, LOVE my job!  But, I almost didn’t get that job. Not because I wasn’t qualified, but because I almost let fear hijack my dream. The day before my (read:panel) interview where 15 people grilled me about why I should get the job, I almost called off the interview. (!!) I was laying on the couch paralyzed by fear of giving a 20min presentation and having my presentation--and my dream--ripped to shreds. 

My fear was great but my desire was greater.

I wanted this job soooo badly that I almost self-sabotaged and if it weren’t for (1) my supportive husband giving me a much needed kick in the butt, (2) my realization that not going for my dream was worse than trying and possibly failing, and (3) a lot of hard work up to that point, I would not have had the courage to walk into that interrogation interview room.

Getting Unstuck.

So, who are the people who can call you out when you’re in fetal position on the couch? What can you do to remind yourself that “you’ve got this!”, regardless of the outcome? 

In Presence by Amy Cuddy, she talks about the importance of body language and posture. Before taking on a scary task, a daunting presentation, a hard conversation, assume the “power pose” and you’ll be surprised at the confidence you gain--and the confidence you exude! Fear can get us stuck, but being stuck can actually be a great launching pad for progress. In Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans (of the Stanford and two of my professors in college), they talk about how being stuck is an important process for designers because it is an opportunity to create myriad solutions. To get creative! Usually in the multitude of ideas you’ll find the golden ticket!

What fear holds you back?

Is it the fear of going for your dream job because you just don’t feel ready?

Are you afraid of going back to school because you don’t think you can pull it off?

Are you afraid of using your voice and speaking up in the meeting? 

Is it impossible to imagine yourself asking for that raise--and getting it!?

Why can’t you go out on a limb and try that new side business? 

Does the idea of asking that person you’ve really wanted to get coffee with have you making excuses for why you’re too busy?

Stop Letting Fear Stop You!

It’s time to stop letting fear stop you from the things you really want in life. From that move across country to experience a new place, to that amazing career opportunity that would skyrocket you to success--with all great opportunities comes a chance to get out of our own way and be surprised by what we can achieve.

Despite being a newbie at writing for this blog, I have done a good deal of work busting through fear and anxiety to find what I am great at (Strengths) and what I am passionate about (career). I have positively turned around my fear and created tools by which to control it to make great strides to find joy and success in my personal and career life.  

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Why I'm Starting a Business!


Why I'm Starting a Business!


Why hello!


Perpetual Optimist, Visionary & Activator.

When I was 23 I was looking to make a change - ready to go from feeling “stuck” in my first job after college to taking charge of my career!

I decided to make a HUGE investment in myself and signed up for training to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Six months later, I became the youngest-ever certified coach and was on my way to helping others live out their Strengths. Strengths is a philosophy of looking at what's right with us--those beautiful gifts and talents that make us (YOU!) uniquely amazing. Starting from our Strengths, we can begin to create our best life and live out of a positive place.

I got to take this philosophy to the college audience - working with hundreds of millennials to discover their best self, break through the barriers of fear to design a career and life they love! Now, I’m excited to bring you the same philosophy and tools I’ve used successfully for 2 years!

Do you want more purpose in your career and life? Let’s make it happen