Why hello!


Perpetual Optimist, Visionary & Activator.

When I was 23 I was looking to make a change - ready to go from feeling “stuck” in my first job after college to taking charge of my career!

I decided to make a HUGE investment in myself and signed up for training to become a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Six months later, I became the youngest-ever certified coach and was on my way to helping others live out their Strengths. Strengths is a philosophy of looking at what's right with us--those beautiful gifts and talents that make us (YOU!) uniquely amazing. Starting from our Strengths, we can begin to create our best life and live out of a positive place.

I got to take this philosophy to the college audience - working with hundreds of millennials to discover their best self, break through the barriers of fear to design a career and life they love! Now, I’m excited to bring you the same philosophy and tools I’ve used successfully for 2 years!

Do you want more purpose in your career and life? Let’s make it happen