If you're anything like me...

You've stumbled over the question, "tell me about yourself!" in an interview, a first date, or worse, when "meeting the parents"! I used to struggle to talk about myself without 1. rambling on and on about every hobby, past pet, and tv show I love or 2. my mind going completely blank and then asking myself, "who am I, really!?"...Cue, existential crisis.

Once I discovered StrengthsFinder, I finally had a language to describe who I am and why I do what I do. So instead of trying to justify or explain myself and I now share the best parts of me when I get that inevitable question. Often times, when I teach about Strengths in a workshop or class, someone inevitably asks me what My Strengths are, so here ya go, they're not a big secret or anything.

My Top 5 Strengths and why I love them!

#1 Harmony - I love to find consensus and have my world in harmony. I find areas of agreement even amongst divided parties and have a gift for helping people all be on the same page--a helpful tool whenever I'm leading a project or team. Growing up, my parents always told me to "butt out" of other peoples' conflicts--guys, that was just my harmony, trying to make peace! :)

#2 WOO - stands for "winning others over". I LOVE meeting new people. People in general fascinate me and I love the challenge of meeting a stranger and making a friend out of them. Lately, I've been taking Uber everywhere and my woo is definitely coming alive as I ask questions and learn about the amazing people who drive us around - everyone has a story and I love to play detective. There are no strangers in the world, only friends I haven't met yet!

#3 Connectedness - I believe there is an invisible thread that connects all people, hearts, circumstances in our world. As a person of faith in God, I trust that he is orchestrating some amazing things behind the curtain and I love making connections between my present life and the situations that have gotten me here. With that perspective, I get to live with little regret as I know even the hard stuff has made me who I am. I also love making connections for other people--whether that's introducing them to someone who can give them a job (which I do often!), a new roommate situation or even just a podcast I know you'll love!

#4 Ideation - so many ideas. Ideas are everywhere for me and I love generating new concepts, new workshops, new ways to bring something to life. Give me a big white board or some post its to brainstorm, and I'm a happy camper! Also, if you're "stuck" on something, I love doing mindmaps to help people get "unstuck" from their "wicked problems".

#5 Activator - I can get $h!t done. I love activating on ideas and the things that need to happen. I love the thrill of starting something new (case in point: launching a new business), but that doesn't mean I'm always a good finisher. I have to work hard to finish the things I put on my to do list because I'm usually way more excited at the beginning of a project than at the end. Usually the "panic monster" and deadlines or someone else relying on me is just the motivation I need! 

Do you know your Strengths?

If not, get your booty on over and take StrengthsFinder right now! Strengths have changed my life and the lives of millions of people -- not to mention many of my clients! StrengthsFinder gives you a language to describe the things you are naturally great at!

Not only can your Top5 Strengths be great for your Instagram bio, but Strengths also give you the tools to talk about yourself in an interview, to explain the motivation behind why and how you do things, to pinpoint the kinds of jobs and activities that could be perfect for you! And Strengths are the exact thing I use in goal setting--so you can make goals that are realistic for your personality! Hey, I'm not "Discipline" so don't expect me to color code my files, but give me some ideation and goals are a dream! If you're interested in learning more about your top 5 Strengths, pop on over to my coaching page and we can hop on a 15min free get-to-know-each-other call :)

Talk soon!